Soggy Biscuits (frla) wrote,
Soggy Biscuits

For Kit

When she was 4 years old, Lisa ran away to join the circus.
They sent her back home again, because she was much too small.
But as she awaited retrieval by her family, staid and English, she watched the elephants mate and the cotton candy made, she drank lemonade for the very first time.
She had ran away to join the circus drawn in at her Lima bean age by the musics and colors, from across the street where her parents sold cars, but she fell in love, at the pie car with the sequins, the terrible smells and all of the sugar.

She ran away again when she was 7 and her grandmother hit her with a hairbrush.
She could not find a circus and instead spent the night in a museum. Everyone was very worried.

From the age of 9 through 125 she ran away every summer, when the circus would come through town.
She secretly taught herself to juggle and bend, and train rabbits to do card tricks, but was always sent home again, for being too small, before the circus moved on to it's next town.

She lost her virginity at 14 to a pair meth-addict carnies, and got in her first fist fight at 12, (she won) with a rube who insisted the bearded lady was a fake.
At 16, at the age of her maturity, she won another talent show at school, and her parents died in a pinto explosion.
She tried to run away to join the circus then, but her lawyers insisted she go to college.

At college she specialized in theatre arts, business management and vetrinary science, and when she graduated she applied to all the small family circuses she could find.
But they were gone now. All the victims of their own pinto explosions, or tax filing deadlines or lack of butts in seats, can't cover the nut or make it up on the dink, just no money in it anymore.

And all that was left was the large circus corporations.
it wasn't the same, but it would do she though.
And she joined the circus company, and pushed papers on a desk, and sold ads in magazines and months later quit.

She moved back to her parents car lot, and opened a small theatre, which booked ancient vaudeville performers.
But built a small apartment building for them to live in, she had gathered so many tap dancers, magicians and ventriloquists, she had to have a place to keep them all.
She was well loved by her community, a successful veterinarian and entrepreneur, and word of her kindness and beautiful theatre spread around the world.

At first it was a Chinese acrobat, defecting from her handlers at the airport and hiding in Lisa's theatre/retirement home.
Then followed a lion tamer and his lions, who could find no where else to keep his senile ailing cats, and then slowly act by act, escaping from the drudgery and corporate oppression of the big circuses, magicians and trapeze artists, eldery contortionists and pregnant clowns, derelict ringmasters and desperate musicians on the lam, came one by one or in groups and eventually tiny parades to live in Lisa's now expansive retirement village, performing daily and twice on Sunday at the theatre she built on the lot where her parents died.

Whiel Lisa never managed to run away and join the circus she did eventually convince the circus to run away and join her.
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