Soggy Biscuits (frla) wrote,
Soggy Biscuits

Ok secondary characters for my new pulp adventure novel will possibly include most of the characters from my terrible first novel, Penny Dreadful and the Mayan Snow Beast:

Penny Farthing / Penny Dreadful - Orphan turned Teenage Pirate Queen and her ship of Lesbian Pirates
and maybe Her father - the Sleeper Agent/Sonambulist, a Shadow like figure, Secret agent Bourne/Bond like as well
The Yeti's from PD&tMSB
Probably the Giant Jelly Fish from PD&tMSB
Pre-WWII Nazis
Professor Hammer the charming explorer/evil Nazi collaborator
Doctor Wu, inventor of the Apathy Ray
And possibly the alien predecessor elder gods who created the Viking and Mayan races.
I'd like to get something Lovecraftian in there, a lumbering slumbering sogoth like figure, deep in the ornate turquoise lined tunnels of the city beneath the Andes.

The main character will be a WWI vet/spy turned explorer/treasure hunter. Traditionally he should also be a pilot, though I am unsure about that. It would allow him to move about with ease.
He can have a fat slob partner, and a whole small p.i. treasure hunting business.
People hire him and his tiny team to hunt for treasure of all types, which leads him into contact with spies, Nazi's, super scientists, cryptozoological monsters and elder gods.

I know I want a lot of it to take place in the rain forest, and maybe in the south pole.
I could pull back in the whole city of yeti's from the first novel and re-purpose them as living in Antarctica.

According to Wikipedia meteorites are a big deal in the antarctic, much better preserved than elsewhere when they land. There might be a tie in there. I spent too long in the arctic last time, I'm not really sure I want to go there again.

There's a clear McGuffin in all this, being whatever treasure they are hired to find.
Though I might want to avoid the Nazi thing since it is so present in Indiana Jones and in all of the Hellboy stuff. I don't want that much overlap. I still think I should use Professor Hammer and Doctor Wu though.

So my hero is hired to hunt down a treaure, turns out to be a person, and finding this person leads them on a chase after a greater treasure, while being pursued by the forces that kindnapped the first person orignally. The treasure they seek and eventually find is being guarded by an elder god in the city deep beneath the Andes mountains.

So that's a pencil sketch.
Now to fill in the details and start writing the novel.
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