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I broke the car traveling over the 40 into Nevada. It snapped… - Drunks in the Alley [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Soggy Biscuits

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[Jan. 26th, 2011|12:09 am]
Soggy Biscuits
I broke the car traveling over the 40 into Nevada.
It snapped somewhere inside like I'd stepped on a soda can.
Snapped and rolled, shot out from under me, spit me right out the window.
I cracked my collar bone and had to walk the last 12 miles, sticking to the bushes. But I made it damnit.

Made it to your birthday party.
I got you something.
The box is a little banged up, girl, but it's ok. I don't think anything broke.
I slid down a ravine coming into Chocktaw, and I might have landed on it a little bit.
It got wet, in the flash flood and I had to make camp in the woods till the storm passed.
Didn't have no umbrella or bags to put it in.

Yeah, it's a little burnt but it's fine. It caught fire a bit when i was drying it out, see a bear mistakenly made his way into my camp and thought he would lay with me like I was his wife.
We had a bit of a tussle and to be completely fair, he got the better end of me in the fight, and in the meantime, amongst all the fuss I didn't see your box had fallen into the fire.
But when the big ol bastard had gone on his merry way, I fished it back out of the fire, hiked down to the interstate and hitched my way here with some awfully nice lady bikers.

Which of course is why I smell the way I do.

But enough about that, you go on and open your present girl.

Ahh see there, it's a dog, a little Labrador puppy just like you asked for.

No he's fine. Tough as nails, tough as your pa.
I love you to little girl, now head on out, your ma and I need to have a talk.