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Robots - Drunks in the Alley [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Soggy Biscuits

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Robots [Jan. 11th, 2011|10:01 pm]
Soggy Biscuits
He's intended to buy some suits, but he bought a robot instead. It was real sweet. An electrolux, with a red chrome chest piece and one of those gyroscopic single wheels under a tapering articulated frame. It didn't have it's arms any more, but it's vacuum socket still worked, it he were to pick up an attachment.

He spent more than he should have, he really shouldn't even have been buying suits, but the robot was so lovely and was in near perfect working condition, aside from the arm thing.

They didn't have much use for them on this planet. Robots, not arms. They had lots of arms here. Everyone had at least three, plus there were arms on all the furniture and doors and velocipedes.
Jer assumed that was what happened to the robots arms, they had been harvested for some other project, and the body had been dumped off at a second hand store. Jer knew it was a gem the moment he saw it in the window display at the men's undergarment boutique. He spent more than he should have sure, but a lot less than it was worth, and when he got it back home to Albuquerque and fitted it up with new graspers it would be as good as new.

And then,... And then he'd teach it to fight!

[User Picture]From: dorjejaguar
2011-01-12 09:51 am (UTC)
Yay robots! :)
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