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[Jan. 10th, 2011|05:42 pm]
Soggy Biscuits
"he's shooting at me!"

"Why is he shooting at me?"

"I think he is actually shooting at us George."

"Christ you always have to make everything about you don't you Maggie?"

"Me, you are the one who seem to think the man shooting at us has a particular hate on for you personally. Jesus Christ, you are like a teenager sometimes. The whole world isn't out to get you personally you sad old fuck."

"Well this man certainly is you, you, you fat,.. ass!"

"God you are so pathetic sometimes, I really do love you" She said and kissed the side of his sweating grey head as he sat shivering behind the Lincoln Navigator, which, unlike in the movies, was doing absolutely nothing to stop any of the bullets that had been fired in his direction.

For the man was shooting at him, he was sure of it.
HE had run into him in the bathroom, and had quite casually checked out the mans Johnson. He'd caught George doing so and had seemed quite peeved.

"Christ in heaven what am I going to do?' Said George.

"What are you going to do, what ware we going to do you fat bastard" Said Maggie, laughing in her mind at their predicament, the bizarre rightness of it. She had always half daydreamed she'd die like this. Not by being shot, but by some random twist of fate that took George out with her. And He was right, the man was probably shooting at George, but she wasn't going to admit that and give the insufferable old fool more to gloat in his sour nihilistic way about.
The bullets stopped for a moment, which stretched into another.

"Do you think he's gone?"

"No, I think I can hear his watch"

"What?!? YOu can't hear his damn watch. We are in the middle of a damn casino, you can not hear his damn watch." said Maggie.

"Excuse me Sir, are you still there?" Said Maggie, "Can you tell us please why you are shooting at us?"

The man with the gun looked closely at the Old One, foul beast of homosexuality and violence with it's tentacled face and skin covered in nipples and lesions, that looked on second glance much like a Lincoln Navigator.

"You will not take these people!" The Gunman cried, " They are unto doves and you are the smegma of the world eater, but these people are mine you will not have them!"

"What the holy hell is he talking about" Said George.

"I don't know" said Maggie, "He's not shooting at me, now is he?"

"But you said ..."

"He seems to think you are some kind of Lovecraftian horror, which honest to god, I've dealt with your laundry for 14 years now, I can't really argue that he is far off base. Maybe you should try talking to him."

"Fuck that noise, We are going distract him and crawl over to the door." said George.

"And how do you suppose we are going to accomplish that?"

"Ehem." Said George,"Excuse me sir, but there appears to be some kind of monster behind you. Just thought you should know. He looks quite gay as well." George watched the man in the side mirror of the car, and as the gun man turned he grabbed Maggie's arm and tried to run.

The gun spun back and pointed the gun at George's head.

"Oh god please" said George "please don't kill us, we are people not monsters, please just let us go"

"Yes please let us go, we are very sorry for whatever it was my husband did to you" Said Maggie.

Two people had emerged from behind the beast. He recognized one of them from the restroom, the man who had wanted to sin with him. And with him stood a woman, older, mature, stout, but pure and virginal, never touched by the foul homosexuality inducing beast.
"You are already marked old man, and can not be saved, but the women, the woman has yet to be fouled and must be protected from the dregs"

George swallowed, difficult dry in his throat and found his voice. "Yes, Dammit, if that's the way it has to be, then yes, save her, and I will stay here. Let her go.

"Oh George, you idiot, no" Said Maggie clutching his hand.

I save you said the gunman and raised his gun. George closed his eyes and felt as though his heart would burst. The gun exploded next to his head, and Magiie fell from his hands.
George opened his eyes with a start, and stared blankly at the form of his darling wife, child bride of 15 years lying on the casino floor, bleeding from the small dark hole in her sweater.

"No!" he screamed, "Good god why?" He turned to the man and tackled him, George gripping the gunman's wrists in his hands, beat him bodily against the floor, and taking the fallen gun, smashing it repeatedly against the gunman's head. He pounded at the gunman's face and neck, hearing the bones crack beneath the butt of the gun, watching his face break and run, pour with blood, and then shaking fell from the man and cradled his dying wife in his arms.

"God Why?!"

"You will never take her" sputtered the Gunman, his facing running with blood, a tooth falling from his mouth as he turned his head to speak."Too late for you, but I saved her. You will never take her"

God, it was his own fault, it was George's own fault, somehow, that this man had done this?

"She's safe now" The gunman said.
George lay on the ground next to her body and wept, and waited for someone to come and make all of this not be true. He waited for it to never have happened, and in that time Maggie died in his arms.

[User Picture]From: dorjejaguar
2011-01-11 09:22 am (UTC)
I don't know if I can keep reading this stuff.
It hurts, it does.
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[User Picture]From: frla
2011-01-11 04:49 pm (UTC)
I'll try to make the next one happier.
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[User Picture]From: dorjejaguar
2011-01-14 09:41 am (UTC)
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